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Shutdown Talking Points

(Note: We’ve deliberately keep these talking points short and to the point.  Feel free to add more specific details as to how a shutdown will impact your ability to deliver for America.)


On March 1, 2013, irrational spending cuts known as the Sequester took effect.


These spending cuts harm our economy, job creation, and our national security, affecting a wide range of areas, including education programs, food safety, small business assistance, critical science research, the security of our borders, and our ability to supply and support our troops. 


Every day without an agreement to replace the Sequester only fuels greater uncertainty and risk for businesses, markets, and American families who are unable to plan for the future.


For my agency (say which agency and location) and the work I do, the Sequester has meant that the services I provide (be specific) are greatly reduced (be specific).   The hiring freezes, the furloughs, and the general chaos have destroyed morale.


On top of the Sequester there is now what I call a “Political Shutdown” of our government.  The American people aren’t shutting down the government. Government employees aren’t shutting down the government because we want to work. And the folks who need the services we provide don’t want a government shutdown.  But some politicians in Washington want a shutdown so they can make a political point.  It’s immoral.  And it makes a mockery of democracy and everything this country stands for.  I/We urge you to do everything possible to end this madness.


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